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Restaurant Review - Brewsky's

Brewsky’s is a nice sports bar & grill. I’ve been an occasional patron for years, and have never been disappointed with the service or the food.

That said, it is what it is. The best bar and grills tend to center their menu around burgers, fries, pizza, sandwiches.

During this visit I decided to try a wrap (turkey bacon or something like that). When you weren’t chewing on a mouthful of tortilla shell, it was good, but unfortunately the ends of the wrap were entirely composed of shell and air. It certainly left something to be desired. I also had the fries because I’d had them before and knew they were pretty damn good.

My wife on the other hand gambled on the sweet potato fries. Since these are a hot trend right now, it was worth the gamble, but didn’t pay off. I’m leaving my judgment out of this because I don’t care for sweet potatoes in any way. She didn’t care for them as they were a bit soggy and didn’t really have the flavor she hoped for.

The junior menu is acceptable with burgers, chicken fingers, grilled cheese, the usuals and all seem to be just fine for our little traveling friends.

I don’t want to sell Brewsky’s short, just keep in mind they are a bar and grill, thusly the grub will match the atmosphere.

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